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What the Buddhism Basics Blog is about:

“The gift of the teachings is teaching the sublime teaching without making mistakes, teaching the arts and the like… and involving others in upholding the fundamental precepts.”1 -Tsongkhapa I belong to literally dozens of Facebook groups about Buddhism. There’s the Theravada Buddhism group, the Soto Zen Buddhism group, Vegan Buddhism, Buddhism Question & Answer, andContinue reading “What the Buddhism Basics Blog is about:”

How do you become a Buddhist?

“If one desires to become a Buddhist, there is no initiation ceremony (or baptism) which one has to undergo.” 1 – Walpola Raula “After you become Buddhist, you must not show disrespect to others’ tradition, particularly your own previous tradition.” 2 –His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama  This one comes up a lot on socialContinue reading “How do you become a Buddhist?”

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